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*Pre-Order* Snake II - Pink/Blue Colourway


To make sure everyone has a chance to get a t-shirt (and in their size) I'm doing pre-orders!

Graphic T-shirt, hand-drawn, designed and printed.
100% cotton, using Eco-friendly inks.
Sizes are uni-sex and a slightly boxy fit.


Pre-orders will be available for one week only and comes with the ~exclusive~ option to have larger print on the front or on the back.

Once the pre-order week is over, I will order shirts and begin printing. I'm hoping shirts will on their way to you within 4 weeks, but this will depend on the volume of orders. You will receive an email when your t-shirt has been shipped. Australian orders maaay arrive in time for Christmas, but don't bet the farm. International orders definitely won't, sorry.

Please remember it's just me at all stages of production and packaging. I always make sure every order is the highest quality it can be. Will take longer than your Asos order, but will be double the love!


Shipping is untracked to keep it affordable. Please note this means there's no way for me to locate your order once it's been sent, or provide arrival times. Shipping within Australia is pretty speedy at around 5 working days. International orders can take their time and are hard to predict, ranging anywhere between 2-5 weeks. If the wait is a problem please contact me for tracked shipping! And please consider tracked shipping if your address has been unreliable in the past. I do the best I can at my end but I can't follow up without tracked shipping.


Sorry friends, Canadian postage has been iffy in the past, but with the mail strike it's just throwing shirts into the void. Even tracked shipping is no guarantee of safe delivery at the moment. Hopefully things are sorted soon, but til then I'm unfortunately unable to post to Canada.


Feel free to contact me if you're after a size that's not available here. Please note sizes larger than XL will bump up to the next postage level.

Thankyou always for your support!

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